BiAglut Gluten Free Gemmine 250g

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BiAglut Gluten Free Gemmine 250g
Gemmine has a shape that will remind you of rice, only larger. It is a corn pasta that is light and springy in texture, which is a huge departure from most corn pastas that are thick and sticky. Add Gemmine to soups or minestrone, or serve as you would traditional wheat-based pasta.


BiAglut Gluten Free Pasta is the closest possible alternative to the real thing. The texture, colour and taste is just like wheat-based pasta. Coeliac sufferers often name this pasta as the best gluten-free pasta available. Even people who regularly eat wheat-based pasta rave about this product.

BiAglut's pasta does not break up whilst it is cooking. Make sure that you cook the pasta in plenty of salted boiling water. Return the water to the boil quickly. You will notice that the water becomes particularly cloudy whilst cooking, which is typical of gluten-free pasta products.


Corn Starch (75%), Potato Starch (13%), Lupin Flour (12%), Emulsifiers: Mono- and Diglycerides of fatty acids.