Cameo Ciobar White Choccolate 5 x 21g sachets


Product Overview

Italian Drinking Chocolate (Ciobar White Chocolate) - the leading brand of traditional, thick and creamy drinking chocolate in Italy.

Just three simple steps to a cup of luxurious, thick chocolate:

1) For 1 person pour 125 ml of milk into a saucepan, pour in the contents of one sachet of chocolate and mix with a whisk or a wooden spoon.

2) Put on the stove over medium heat and bring to a boil, stirring often.

3) If a thicker consistency is needed, reduce the heat and continue cooking until the desired consistency is reached.

For the microwave:

1) Pour the milk into a large bowl, pour in the contents of the sachet of chocolate and mix well.

2) Place in the microwave oven and start cooking at 750W for 1 minute or more depending on the desired thickness.

5 x 21g sachets

5 sachet per pack.