Cascina San Cassiano Tomato sauce with Fried Onion 540g


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Cascina San Cassiano Tomato sauce with Fried Onion.

100% Italian tomato with fried onion. An authentic Italian recipe  inspired by Italian Calabria region cuisine, where onion is an ingredient presents in many recipes

The sauce is ready to be poured directly onto freshly drained pasta.  Try it also on bread on pizza, with lasagna or as a sauce for stewed foods.


In Calabria, it seems that the onion was introduced by the Phoenicians. A tipical dish of Calabria Region is the Fileja pasta with tomato sauce with onions and vegetables. Onion is a famous bulb, botanically related to other vegetables such as garlic and shallots, well known all over the world and used in many recipes. Chacarterized by diuretic properties, it’s also useful to control glycemic index and triglycerides level. The main ingredient of this sauce is fried onion.

- Gluten Free