Cascina San Cassiano Tomato sauce with Mascarpone cheese 540g

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Tomato sauce with Mascarpone cheese.

100% Italian tomato sauce and mascarpone cheese. An authentic Italian recipe  inspired by Italian Lombardia region cuisine, where Mascarpone cheese is presents in many recipes.

The sauce is ready to be poured directly onto freshly drained pasta. To enhance the quality of the ingredients, it is advisable to heat it over a low heat or in the microwave, after opening the jar and removing the capsule. Try it also on bread or as a sauce for stewed foods.


Mascarpone has a creamy consistency and has ancient origins, it has been worked for the first time in the XII century, with the aim of conserving and using a little excess milk, making it a cream. François Vatel, famous French chef and pastry chef, It is said that, he killed himself because he had not been able to obtain the quantity of this cheese necessary to make a dessert for the Sun King. The name Mascarpone probably derives from \”mascharpa “, a Lombard dialect word that means cream of milk. Unlike other cheeses, mascarpone is in fact not obtained from milk but from cream. But the origins of the name of this Lombard cheese seem to be two: it seems that the term Mascarpone corresponds to the Italian form of the Spanish expression “màs que bueno” (so good) pronounced by a high dignitary of the court during the Spanish domination of Lombardia Region.

- Gluten Free