Cooperativa Virgen de la Esperanza El Arroz de Calasparra (Paella rice) 1Kg


A Culinary Gem of Murcia, Spain

Calasparra rice, the distinguished recipient of the DOC certification, flourishes amidst the captivating landscapes of the Province of Murcia in Spain. Its exclusivity lies not only in its geographic origin but also in the centuries-old irrigation system, ingeniously devised by the Moors more than a millennium ago.

Nurtured by the pristine waters that cascade from the mountains, Calasparra rice boasts a unique flavor profile and texture unrivaled by its counterparts. The ancient irrigation channels, still operational today, ensure an optimal balance between water and soil, fostering ideal conditions for this short-grain gem.

Celebrated for its exceptional ability to absorb flavours while maintaining a delightful al dente consistency, Calasparra rice has become synonymous with the art of paella-making. Its firm yet creamy texture, complemented by a subtle nuttiness, provides the perfect foundation for the vibrant medley of ingredients that define this iconic Spanish dish.