Plasmon Spremi e Gusta 100% Mela (Apple) 100g


Plasmon 100% Fruit, Apple Snack is a product indicated from the 6th month onwards, unless otherwise advised by the paediatrician.

The Plasmon 100% Fruit Apple Snack is produced in Italy with only Italian apples and the addition of Vitamin C. Plasmon guarantees only top quality ingredients, carefully selected and combined in simple, balanced recipes, designed for your child. Controlled supply chain. Traceability and safety guaranteed by Oasis della Crescita.

Fruit snack with Apple, pocket-sized and resealable package. Furthermore, it is completely recyclable. In fact, the result of all-Italian research, the new 100% Frutta shoes are made entirely of polypropylene, a completely recyclable material.

100% fruit snacks are perfect for any occasion and always at hand!