About Us


The story about the birth of La Dispensa starts with two brothers and their passion – Food.

Nothing strange so far given that Carlo and I (Paolo) are Italians and it is not that hard to find two Italians who are passionate about food.

We grew up in a small quite costal town in the central Italian region called Le Marche where the gentle breeze of the Adriatic Sea caresses luscious and fertile hills before swiping the Apennine Mountains.

This particular geographical location has given us access, from an early age, to a wide variety of produce both from the sea and the land. Naturally all this variety ended up combined in a pot or on a baking tray to create innumerable delicious dishes. Starting from our treasured Brodetto di Pesce (fish soup – we are biased for the Sambenedettese version), to the Fritto Misto all’Ascolana (fried lamb and vegetables) continuing to the better known Italian meal staples such as the Bucatini all’Amatriciana or a Zuppa di Farro (Spelt Soup). 

After relocating to this beautiful land Downunder, we became acutely conscious about the scarcity of quality Italian produce as well as tired of having to spend Saturday mornings taking trips to Sydney’s inner-west Italian delis to find some of our favourite ingredients.

Unashamedly, we created La Dispensa to have easy access to all these foods and beverages we miss and crave from our homeland but don’t worry, we are also going to share them with you!


This is our Manifesto:

1.     La Dispensa is accessible

You can reach us online and we will deliver anywhere in Australia.

2.     La Dispensa is contemporary

We aim to bring products that are currently popular in Italian to the Australian market.

3.     La Dispensa is affordable

We aim to provide quality Italian produce at reasonable prices, and we do so by avoiding the set up and maintenance costs of a high street brick and mortar shop.

4.     La Dispensa continues to evolve

Paolo and Carlo are always looking for quality products that are appreciated by consumers in Italy, requested by Italians in Australia and that can expand Australians’ knowledge and appreciation of Italy.