Aprutinum Extra Virgin Olive Oil Nutraceutico (Neutracitical) 500ml


Nutraceutical Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Aprutinum is the first oil mill in Italy to propose an organic olive oil naturally functional, cultivar Dritta di Loreto 100%, and a monovarietal olive oil also naturally nutraceutical, Intosso cultivar.

Intosso juice, a rare, rustic and prized variety typical of the Abruzzo area.
20 grams of Aprutinum Nutraceutico, equal to two table spoons, provide the body with the recommended daily dose of 5 mg of hydroxytyrosol.

This oil is nutraceutical because it is a natural source of vitamin E and rich in polyphenols including hydroxytirosol and its derivatives.

Being a highly digestible oil, it is recommended for daily consumption, even by the little ones and the elderly.

In addition to traditional cooking, in a pot or in the oven, Aprutinum Nutraceutico is also suitable for frying, being more resistant to the preparation of food than other vegetable oils, as it has a higher smoke point (over 190 °C) by virtue of the which remains stable even at very high temperatures, while the overheating of other vegetable oils often leads to the formation of substances that damage the liver, kidneys, stomach and cardiovascular system.