Caffo Liquorice Liqueur 500ml


Nature gave its best when making liquorice. In fact, it has been known since ancient times for its active principles and the sweet and pleasant taste of its root. It’s known to enhance your voice, cleanse your breath and your throat and has expectorate, soothing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, as well as working against cavities. It is also present in various aphrodisiac recipes and in the Kama Sutra. It was once used by alchemists in medical potions.

Today, it is appreciated by everyone as a natural and healthy sweet and also as a spirit: Liquorice.

Distilleria Caffo was the first to produce “liqueur using pure Calabrese liquorice”, creating a unique and unmistakable product.
For this reason, today only Caffo Liquorice is the “original pure Calabrese liquorice liqueur”, ...tasting is believing!

To produce the liquorice juice required for one litre of Liquorice Caffo, an average of 500 grams of fresh liquorice root from Calabria PDO is used. The natural extraction takes place in Calabria according to the exclusive recipe by hot infusion in water without the use of other solvents.

27% Acohol