Crastan Barley & Coffee Powder Instant(Orzo e Caffe Solubile) 120g


Crastan Barley & Coffee Powder(Orzo e Caffe Solubile) 120gBarley & CoffeeTraditionally, many Italian families mix ground coffee and barley to obtain a breakfast drink for the whole family, ideal for those who have to limit the amount of caffeine they consume. Crastan "Orzo & Caffè" (barley & coffee) was first produced in 1992 and is the modern-day version of this ancient tradition.MORE GRAINS, LESS COFFEE"Orzo & Caffè" (barley & coffee) is a soluble product based on roasted cereal-grains, chicory and coffee. Combining natural, flavorful grains and rich coffee aromas, we've created a beverage that allows you to minimize your caffeine consumption without having to give up the pleasure of a cup of coffee. With "Orzo & Caffè" you can feel free to enjoy a cup more often during the day, because it contains less caffeine compared to a pure soluble coffee. The gentle flavor of barley, the natural sweetness of malt and chicory, and the unique blend of select coffee varieties give "Orzo & Caffè" a rich, satisfying flavor all its own. A touch of cocoa, finally, to complete this drink, for your relaxing moments.Ingredients:Instant barley and barley malt (49%), instant coffee (33%), instant chicory, instant rye, cocoa powder.Would you like to try the unique flavour of our Barley & Coffee Powder?It is very easy to do so.Put 2 or 3 teaspoons of the product into a cup, and add sugar to taste.Add a little hot water or milk and dissolve the product.Add the rest of the water or milk.Also try it cold with a few cubes of ice.