Fernet Branca 700ml


Fernet Branca: a piece of Italy that has conquered the world.
This characteristic liqueur was born in 1845 in Milan, which was already the industrial capital of Italy at that time. Bernardino Branca, owner of a small grocery store, with wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit, together with his brother Stefano, created the company Fratelli Branca Distillerie, which would later invent one of the most appreciated liqueurs in the world. In Argentina, where it is very popular among young people who love it mixed with cola, this drink has become a national liqueur.
The recipe for this unique bitter has been handed down from father to son. Among the well-known ingredients are aloe, cinnamon, rhubarb, linden and chamomile.
Digestif par excellence, after hearty meals, it is an exquisite accompaniment for moments of relaxation, to be drunk straight or with ice.