L'Artigiano della 'nduja (Hot salami spread) in Jar 180g


If you love the ‘nduja from Spilinga, this jar of ‘nduja salami spread is just what you need. It is handmade following the traditional recipe from Spilinga and then the ‘nduja salami spread is taken out of the casing and preserved in a jar with high-quality olive oil.Its strong and spicy flavours don’t fade over time and you can always keep a jar of real fire from Calabria in your fridge, ready to be grabbed and eaten. Add a tea spoon of ‘nduja to a simple pasta with tomato sauce, on pizza, on toasted bread with grilled vegetables and a slice of cheese.
'Nduja 96% (Pork fat 42%, pork meat 30%, red hot chilli pepper 25%, salt 3%), olive oil 4%