Lurisia Gazzosa 4x275ml


The fresh taste of the south. The unique taste of our Gazzosa comes from afar, in both time and distance. The recipe we use is the original one from the ’50s and the lemons used are Sfusati, cultivated for more than 300 years on terraces of the Amalfi Coast, famous for their juicy pulp and semi-sweet taste.
The intensity is emphasized by the presence of carbon dioxide which harmonizes and refines the memory of orange blossoms and lemon zest.Particularly balanced and full-bodied, the long after taste is accompanied by a gentle acidity which dissolves into a sweet note.An intense lemon aroma, long-lasting and delicate.
Drunk on its own it is an excellent thirst-quencher but thanks to the pleasant tone of acidity, it can easily accompany a plate of raw fish or shellfish.Excellent also when transformed into sorbet with an added leaf of mint or sage.To be served in a round bottom glass, iceless with a few mint leaves or a licorice stick.

Contains: Box with n° 4 Bottles x 9.3 oz