Moretti Polenta Taragna Buckwheat & Corn 500g


Moretti Polenta Taragna Buckwheat & Corn 500g
Taragna Polenta is yellow cornmeal mixed with coarse-ground buckwheat. It originates in Italy's Alpine region like the Valtellina in Northern Lombardy. Cooking time 30-40 min
Corn and buckwheat are air-dried in the Moretti barns and then stone-ground to produce this traditional polenta. Buckwheat thrives in the Italian Alps so it's only natural to combine it with yellow cornmeal polenta.Served hard or soft, Taragna polenta makes a wonderful warm side dish that complements so many other flavors. It is perfect when served warm with butter, creamy Taleggio cheese and sage, or layered with a rich meat or sausage ragú.
For a soft polenta, boil 600ml of water for every 100g of polenta. Pour the polenta into the boiling water gently and stir for half an hour or until fully cooked. For a firm, dense polenta, boil 400ml per 100g and proceed as usual for a firm polenta. Once cooked and densely textured, pour in a well-oiled baking tray and allow to cool and set before slicing and grilling or frying.