Silvio Carta Mirto Rosso Ricetta Storica 700ml


Description Mirto (Myrtle) Ricetta Storica is a journey into the history of Sardinia. Every little sip is a step among the bushes of Mediterranean maquis towards cliffs overlooking the sea, with sensations in the mouth that take your breath away.
Intense black with bright, purple tinges appearance with multiple aromas. Apart from the intense myrtle, it is possible todistin-guish other aromas of the maquis such as aromatic herbs, bay leaves, sage and plum jam. At the taste all these scents mix together in a very elegant and enveloping myrtle that stands out in the mouth, dominated by the plant notes, in a very refined sweetand-sour arm wrestling leading to a dry ending rich in Mediterranean aftertaste.

Curiosity As in all folk traditions, the origins of this product are very ancient. The liquor obtained from berries only, or from berries and leaves, belongs to the Sardinian folk tradition and to the red quality. Some sources date the origins of this liquor back to the folk traditions of the 19th century. Families were producing myrtle from the hydro alcoholic maceration of ripe berries. Maceration was carried out with a mixture of acquavite and water. At the end of the maceration period, sugar or honey was added to the extracted liquor in order to sweeten it. The product was intended for personal use. In recent times and following law no. 173 issued in 1998, the Sardinian myrtle was added to the official list of traditional products. The Silvio Carta company decided to produce myrtle without considering production costs but focussing on quality only. The historical recipe is simple: good ingredients in the right quantities, a lot of patience, passion and "Mirto Silvio Carta - Ricetta storica" becomes a unique and overwhelming product. It would be a shame not to try it. It is best served iced by keeping bottles in the freezer.